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Add ultra-realistic models, remove backgrounds and edit photos using AI built for ecommerce. No Photoshop or photoshoots needed.

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"This has changed my website. Customers are able to get an idea of what the product looks like on a person.” — Adam from Dadamtees

Refine & Elevate Your Images

Your new creative multi-tool

Instantly remove unwanted objects from your photo with a single click.

Remove distracting elements.

Clean up tattoos for a flawless finish.

Clear unwanted objects.

2x your photo's resolution and reduce noise for clearer images.

Double resolution for high-quality photos.

Remove pixelation to make crisp photos.

Enhance details for clear close-ups.

Remove backgrounds super fast — without Photoshop.

Isolate models for a sleek finish.

Remove clutter for a clean product display.

Highlight your product.

Create faster

Swap photoshoots for your new creative co-pilot.

Before Picjam: manufacturer mug-shots, 
DIY images and photoshoots. After Picjam: usable, marketing-ready photography the moment you get 
new products.

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Collage of jeans

Step 1

Upload images

Add any quick DIY shots of your product.  Mannequin or ghost photos work best.

Step 2
Choose your style

Now, make it uniquely yours! Pick your desired photo style and background.

Step 3
Be amazed

Boom. AI magic. Professional and unique photos for your online store, in minutes.

Level-up your online store

Higher-quality content that converts.

High resemblance
Gets more accurate over time
Better fit with human models
Looks more natural

Other AI Generators

Clearly AI generated
Models don’t fit product well
Bad at apparel
Product can look only 70% similar

Create stunning content, easier

The easiest ecomm content creation tool you'll ever use.

Studio photos

Generate more studio photos on a range of different backdrops.

Lifestyle photos

Turn your studio images into lifestyle photos with a model (lifestyle performs better!)

UGC content

Create more image variety across models and sizes with a stream of UGC content

Creative ideas

Ask Picjam to come up with entirely new ideas or angles of your products

Instagram Ads

Test infinite models and styles to see what works best.

Fresh Visuals

Keep your audience engaged and your brand lively.

Yours Forever

Own your content. No usage fees. Say goodbye to licensing.

Pinterest and Facebook

Get more traffic by staying consistent and top of mind.

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Supercharge the performance of your images with Generative AI

Picjam is for ecommerce marketing teams, creatives and store owners just like you.

Use the world’s best photographer

Picjam’s AI has been trained on millions of images, and is improving rapidly.

Test new visuals

Test lo-fi, or high-quality content to see what works with your audience.

10x your flow of content

Production comes with a high price tag. Picjam is here to give power back to online stores.

Save production time

Picjam reduces the time you’d spend on a typical production by 99%.

Say bye to expensive photo shoots

Eliminate the back-forth and all the time-suckers in complex project management.

Generate content faster

Content is traditionally the slowest part of setting up your ecommerce store. Make it 10x faster.